Knowing What Gear to Buy

So, you’ve gotten to the point where you want to buy some gear. Either because you don’t want to use gym rentals or, because, you want to contribute more than your ability to belay when you’re at a crag. The hard part, now, is trying to figure out what is the best product for you….

Gear I Use

Here is a list of the gear I am currently using/own. Shoes: (in order of oldest to newest) Butora- Endeavor, La Sportiva-Mythos, So iLL- Runner (LV), Scarpa–Instinct Chalk: Friction Labs-Bam Bam and Unicorn (it costs more, but is waaaay worth the price.) Chalk Bag: Flashed- Tool Bag Bouldering Bag, Black Diamond- Mojo (I use this one for my lower quality chalk), Pink…